Stained Concrete Designs

Concrete has evolved from construction material to a canvas for personal expression due to impressive technological advancements. The infinite elegance of stained concrete is the single most important explanation for its dominance in the flooring industry. No other product has the shape versatility and color palette richness that this one does. The possibilities for decorative concrete are infinite, including from elegant floor designs to recreating historical patterns.

Staining provides a luxurious richness that no other coloring medium can match. By penetrating the concrete, the surface is filled with transparent, luminous tones. These tones differ based upon how they are applied and the surface it penetrates. This is a much more appealing and unique look than paint which creates solid and opaque effects. Once we’re done the result may appear like tanned leather, polished marble, painted wood or natural stone.

Concrete Stain

These options are the best of the best:

* Acid Stain Concrete:

There’s some science behind this option. A reaction occurs once metallic salts, water and acid are mixed together. This mixture reacts with the lime in concrete. The end result? Blue, green and brown earth tone colors that are translucent. Some even have mahogany-like reddish tints. 

Concrete acid stains create a one-of-a-kind look for each floor. The appearance is mottled. This is due to a variety of factors that are found in concrete. Concrete does not have a perfect consistency. Some fields, as well as high and low spots, dry faster than others. As acid stains are added, some may settle in soft spots, causing a darkening effect, or the amount of lime in the mix can differ.

* Water Based Concrete Stain:

This option is usually non-reactive, and the colors are created by mixing acetone or water with polymers and pigment. The coverage is more consistent and predictable. Concrete surfaces can be transformed into works of art.

Our water-based, non-acid stains contain polymer bonding agents that allow them to bind permanently to your existing concrete or our freshly poured mixture. They can also be used on less-than-perfect surfaces if properly prepped. Unlike acid-based stains, they do not chemically react with your concrete, allowing our concrete artisans to change and mix colors for a more predictable paint application that suits your home decor and personal style. Water-based stains are also eco-friendly and poor in volatile organic compounds.

Why is Concrete Staining so Popular?

The prominence is due to the fact that it is both visually appealing and long-lasting. This is especially the case with stained concrete floors. Color tints and architectural designs can now be added to concrete floors thanks to recent advancements in concrete flooring technology. 

Concrete flooring has gained popularity and a new aesthetic use compared to only functional uses from years ago. This type of flooring was mainly associated with sidewalks and warehouses. Today the offerings are limitless and continue to grow whether it’s to beautify your home or outdoor space.

Surfaces, Staining and Dye Options

Exterior concrete: There are many examples and options. One example is stamped concrete that can be stained with acid stains that withstand UV rays. To improve and preserve the appearance of  exterior surfaces, topically seal them with solvent-based sealers. To keep the quality of exterior, it is recommended that the surface be resealed every few years. Surface discoloration may occur if sealers are worn off. Exposure to UV rays can cause concrete dyes to fade. So, it is better to contact our professional concrete contractors to avoid any such situation.

Interior Surfaces Concrete: Tinting and dyeing can be done on pre-existing concrete, coated concrete, thin overlays, and self-leveling concrete.  Water and solvent-based sealers, transparent epoxy, and urethanes can cover painted and colored interior concrete and overlays.

What are the Benefits?

Robustness: Among others, the stains are fade-resistant, permanent colors because they penetrate deeply into the concrete surface. The pigment won’t flake or chip away as it does with paint or coating.

Flexiblility: There is extreme flexibility in terms of design. To fit your style, tastes, and budget, you can achieve almost any look imaginable. You can use color to add subtle accents, bolder design elements, and even custom graphics. Keep it easy with only one  color that complements your decor, or go all out and use several stain colors to create a unique look.

For your concrete needs our team of professional concrete contractors specializes in high-quality work and personalized service. We work on commercial and residential projects and will do whatever we can to achieve the look you want. If you are looking for professionals, we are the best choice. We take pride in the high standard of our work as well as our timely professionalism. We have unrivaled concrete service in a pleasant, orderly working atmosphere. We complete your project on schedule and budget because our job is focused on recommendations. Trust us to be your one-stop-shop for all decorative concrete needs.

Why is Concrete Staining so Popular?

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