Epoxy Flooring Services

If you’re looking to remodel your home or business, you’re probably aware that there are a plethora of creative flooring options on the market. 

Although wooden flooring continues to be one of the most common choices, epoxy is gaining in popularity. They are commonly used in factory sites, and commercial buildings to keep staff, machinery, and inventory clean and dry. However, homeowners are catching on that they can be incorporated in their residence and garage seamlessly.

If you want durable and attractive floors, epoxy coatings are a great option.

Coating Preparation

Our artisans are skilled at preparation techniques that are expeditious and efficient. 

Before application, our experts will patch and repair all large holes and chips in the concrete surface and remove any grease substances. To adhere properly, an epoxy coating needs a clean, slightly porous surface. It cannot adhere to polished or sealed concrete. The concrete must also be fully cured. 

Our team will test the surface for prior layers of epoxy or other materials that might have been added over the years if the concrete is aged. We’ll also determine if there’s a sealant. If water beads on the surface instead of soaking in, the surface has most likely been sealed and is not ideal for an epoxy coating. We’ll discuss a plan of action to address this and meet your needs.

Achieving the perfect temperature is crucial. Temperatures that are too hot or too cold may cause the epoxy to bubble and peel. Our professional concrete contractors will implement all steps and take appropriate actions to leave you satisfied.

Epoxy Floors: A Popular Choice

We’ve taken the liberty to outline some benefits of these types of floors. Examine the advantages to see how you can incorporate this option into your space.

Captivating Appearance and Flaw Repair

The coatings make rooms feel fuller and more modern. These coatings will provide an elegant look whether in your place of business or home.

The gleaming surface goes well with any decorative lighting. Your room will take on a new dimension as light bounces off the epoxy. The coating also hides any current flaws in the surface. Epoxy comes in a variety of designs and colors to match the decor of your space. To cover flaws even more effectively, epoxy paint combines the long-lasting material with the paint color of your choice to create a masking effect.


Have we mentioned that epoxy is a cost-effective alternative to removing existing flooring, purchasing new tile or vinyl, and paying for installation? Your existing flooring may not even need to be replaced. If you want an epoxy finish for your flooring, you won’t have to go through any costly or time-consuming procedures. Keep your existing floor and save money on installation, while getting a new, smooth, and vibrant look.


Epoxy has a wide range of resistance properties, contributing to its reputation as a durable flooring choice. It’s subjected to high levels of shock, heat, chemicals, and water. It’s ideal for garages because automobiles produce a variety of corrosive chemicals.

Protect your basement, laundry room, or garage with an epoxy coating, which will help to keep toxic elements out of high-traffic areas.

Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy floor coatings have been used in various spaces such as basements, and industrial structures for many years. However, they are making inroads into other areas of businesses such as restaurants and salons and especially the home. 

A high demand area where this coating is coveted is on garage floors. Why? Garage floors are subject to high foot, automotive and equipment traffic. As a result, there’s more dirt, fluids, grease and other debris that end up on the floor. These types of elements can leave the garage floor unsightly and tedious to clean. Epoxy floors take the difficulty out of the cleanup, as its smooth surface leaves clean up time quick and efficient. 

Wherever you decide to incorporate this option, it will leave your residential and commercial settings with a gleam that says, “Look at me!” You will never run out of choices or options of colors. Whether you customize the colors and blends of color flakes, or choose to be unique as selecting understated hues and solid colors, you can’t go wrong. Even incorporate the colors of your favorite sports team.

Prior to installation, there are several factors to consider. The top priority should be hiring an expert, like our team of professionals. A second priority is design selection which should complement the space’s theme. The decorative effects that these floors can achieve will astound you. We have the education, training and experience to provide trendy design options as well as those that can be enjoyed for years to come.




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