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Especially with perfect weather, a beautiful yet functional outdoor space is practically a given for homeowners and families. Whether it’s a sunny day spent reading a book with a refreshing drink or warm summer nights spent living and laughing with friends, a finished outdoor living space is the perfect hangout spot.

However, most homeowners find it challenging to find the right type of building materials to suit both their needs and budget. That’s where stamped concrete, also referred to as imprinted or patterned concrete, can offer the same look of brick, stone and other materials at cost effective price points. 

The nifty design technique can mimic the look of bricks, pavers, flagstones, natural stone, wood, or any other type of design element or pattern. With our expert concrete specialists the only limit is your imagination. We can help turn your dreams of a uniquely designed patio, walkway or floor into reality.

When you need a reliable and professional concrete contractor, call our experts to help. We take pride in serving the community every day. Helping you turn your ideas and inspiration into reality by giving you the ideal outdoor living space is our pleasure.

What is Stamped Concrete?

There are different ways to achieve this design. The patterns of the stamp can be placed as an overlay on top of an existing concrete block. Alternatively, fresh concrete can be poured and then stamped to create a pattern or texture that can perfectly mimic other materials, like stone, wood, and pavers. This technique is perfect for driveways, walkways, sidewalks, accent stones, pool decks, even interior flooring and more. It’s a popular choice because it presents an affordable alternative to the more expensive options like stone or brick while still providing the same look and aesthetic.

What are the Benefits?

1. Wide Variety of Design Options

It can be used to resemble virtually any other type of building material or have any number of design elements added to it. Concrete is surprisingly versatile and offers a wide array of available aesthetics and look.

2. Extremely Durable

Not only is concrete extremely versatile, but it’s incredibly durable too. However, if the concrete isn’t poured and installed by an expert, it won’t last and can even suffer from cracking. That’s why it’s crucial to call a professional to complete the job quickly, correctly, and safely.

3. Increased Value

Adding beautiful texture, design and patterns to your hardscape increases the overall value of your home. Not only does it boost resale value, but it adds tons of curb appeal and is an enticing selling point.

4. Surprisingly Affordable

One of the best benefits of using concrete is that it’s a much more affordable alternative to expensive materials like brick or stone. Not only that, but textured concrete can match almost precisely to look like the more expensive products. It will look so natural; even you won’t be able to tell it’s not real.

Stamped Concrete Patio: The #1 Choice of Home Owners

Whether it’s in a basement, wall, fire pit or pool deck, your wish is our command. The options are limitless when you chose to impress a design onto concrete. Out of all the variety of choices, the patio remains the #1 choice among homeowners. When you’re lounging or entertaining on the patio our imprint options are bound to leave you captivated..

Leave it to the Professionals

Though many people use the internet as a resource to try and learn how to do just about anything, some things are better left those with the experience and skills-set. Pouring concrete is something much more challenging than people realize. It’s one thing to pour a quick slab or patch the driveway, but creating a beautiful imprinted and textured surface requires the workmanship, expertise, skills, and knowledge of experts, like us.


Pouring Concrete Requires Experience and Attention to Detail

All of our professional concrete contractors are highly trained and have the focus, attention to detail and creative mind required to turn a drab backyard into a fantastic outdoor living space. However, there’s more to it than just having experience. Concrete is not a forgiving material like wood. It can’t be taken apart or redone if you get it wrong. There’s only one chance to pour it correctly. It’s not something that can be left half-done if you don’t have any time or patience to finish the job. In fact, the process is quite complicated when it comes down to it.

Professional Concrete Installation Services

There’s also labor to consider—concrete is extremely heavy, and pouring it requires arduous work. The concrete mix must have the proper ratio of water and uniform consistency, too. Also, as with any type of home renovation project, it can be dangerous if attempted by somebody with no experience.

When you hire us, you don’t have to worry about inferior installation or subpar work. We have the professional skills and expertise to safely handle any concrete project.

Design Options 

There is a vast array of design, texture, and pattern options. The most common are designed to look like more expensive material, including:

* Slate

* Flagstone

* Fieldstone

* Pavers

* Brick

* Natural stone

* Cobblestone

We can also use seamless stamps that provide lots of texture but no discernible pattern. Some of the design options we offer are incredibly intricate and will look like a work of art when we’re finished.

Endless Customization Options

We offer a variety of colors and finishes that provides excellent customization options. If you prefer earth tones, we’ve got you covered. Or maybe you’re looking for something totally different; if so we can mix and combine shades to create a unique option. 

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